3 Şubat 2009 Salı


No inmates allowed! No trespassing!
Ok.. I'm not. That's a heart’s abstact words I think.
Cannot love you. We are not meant to be each other.
"I don't have different feelings about you.”
“Ok ok.." But you could be the love of my life?
Well not for me.
"Sorry. Awww noo don't cryyy!! Please honey don't you cry. I still like you but not in that way”
“Sorry can't help it. Aww so cuttieee. dunno what to do without ya.. without touching ya, kissing ya, dreaming about ya.”
“Honey… please.. sugar... don't cry. I know but…”
"I gotta go.. bye.. love of my life.."

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Rf(+)Cht dedi ki...

Well, i think, that was a description of your feelings which were about your last relationship, right? But why is it in English? this is another question which is waitin to be answered.

Yeşş diz iz e pensıl şarpınır. Kam ooıaan!

The Fog dedi ki...

yok be alakası yok :) başka bişey bu. öylesine içimden geldi. biraz karışık ama bunu kendim için yazdım. anlaşılması zor yani :)