4 Haziran 2008 Çarşamba

The Little Girl

A little blonde girl was standing on a half-collapsed wall; carrying
a filthy, torn teddy bear. Her straight hair had falled off her eyes,
her fridges had almost covered her bright blue eyes. In deep,
sadness was obviously read in them. She had worn a pinkish dress
like it had had all the dust and dirt on the streets.Her tiny fingers
were weak, she was hardly carrying the bear,because she hadn't
eaten anything for 2 days. Her bare feet were paining, sharp stones
were cutting her titchy fingers.
She was alone in this world. Noone to take care of her, noone to love
her.. Nothing had been right since she was born which was just 4
years ago. Her only friends were birds, cats and dogs. Women were
preventing their kids to go near her. She was dirty and maybe ill in
their eyes. How could they let their precious' touch that filty thing?
Thanks god she hadn't got any idea what was going on. Her tiny world
she created would have collapsed.
She sat down. Her big blue eyes were watching the waves of the sea
dreamyly. She didn't know somebody was spying on her. Somebody
that who felt so much for her already. It was Ann who was 32 years
old. She always wanted to have a girl to play games with and plait her
thin hair but she never married. Ann had fallen in love with her the
moment she saw her which was just a moment ago. She was sure that
that little girl was alone in this world, she didn't know how but she
just had a feeling. Ann walked towards her in silent, without calling
her. The little girl saw Ann coming over. She didn't move or scared.
Their eyes were connected. Ann was like hypnotized by her beauty.
She stopped infront of her and hold up her hand. Little girl gave a
wide smile and hold Ann's hand. She was holding tight her teady bear
with her other hand which was with her from the beginnig. She was
safe now. A beautiful happy life was waiting for her. She had a mother at last...